Chris Evans Workout And Diet Routine (Marvel Hero)

Chris Evans? Yes, I’m talking about the Marvel superhero, Captain America.

Evans had to develop a superhero body from scratch after being called for the role, with the help of his trainer, Simon Waterson. He had to develop a strategy to gain muscle bulk in the required areas of his body by following the workout and diet schedule provided to him.

At this end, the execution was left up to him and of course, he nailed it. But how did he do so? Well, unluckily there’s no secret “super soldier serum” behind it in real life and to get shredded, he had to work hard in the gym and focus a lot on eating nutrient-dense food.

Evans is known for delivering roles in super-duper hit films like the Marvel Franchise “Captain America,” “Avengers Endgame,” and “Fantastic Four.” He has also been awarded several accolades such as “The People’s Choice Award for Favorite Action Movie Actor,” “The Best Chris” at the 91st Academy Awards, and more.

In this article, I’ll be revealing the complete workout and diet plan that Chris Evans followed to get his “Captain America” body within a limited time, alongside a comprehensive overview of the diet plan he committed to. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evan’s Biographical Details

Full nameChristopher Robert Evans
BirthJune 13, 1981
Age42 years
Height1.83m (6 foot tall)
Weight80 kg (176 lbs)
Chris Evan’s Biographical Details

Chris Evan’s Workout Routine

The key criteria for following Chris Evans’s workout routine is to focus on each muscle group simultaneously, therefore his trainer would make him perform compound exercises with heavier sets and lesser sets and reps.

This includes doing a variety of exercises like squats, deadlifts, pushups, situps, bench presses, and overhead presses.

He would equally give importance to isolation exercises like triceps extensions, and bicep curls and emphasize performing cardiovascular exercises and high-intensity interval training otherwise known as HIIT to remain super active and burn excess calories for a lean physique.

He also performs strong core work to balance his body and gain stability while lifting heavier weights and performing weightlifting and acrobatics.

In his core workout routine, he ensures to include effective exercises like leg raises, planks, Russian twists, and more.

Furthermore, according to his trainer, legs are the hardest to train. Many men ignore that region specifically because their hamstrings and glutes cause the most pain due to high-intensity leg and lower body exercises.

In Evan’s case, he particularly focused on working for the leg and lower body region to ensure there were no loopholes, as well as triggering a quicker and greater growth response in the upper body.

That being said, let’s see what his workout routine is actually about and how he trains, targeting each muscle group by performing several exercises.

Mondays: Legs And Lower Body

A woman is doing leg exercise
Legs workout plays an integral part in your whole body workout

First of all, he works on his lower body and legs, targeting the hamstring, and gluteal muscles, performing the following exercises:

  • Squats (3 sets, 5 reps)
  • Deadlifts (3 sets, 5 reps)
  • Plyometric Box Jumps (2 sets, 10 reps)
  • Squats Jumps (2 sets, 12 reps)
  • Standing Machine Calf Raises (2 sets, 15 reps)
  • Lying Leg Curls (2 sets, 10 reps)

Tuesdays: Upper Body

On Tuesdays, he works on his upper body (triceps and biceps) by performing the following exercises:

  • Pull-ups (3 sets, 12 reps)
  • Push-ups (3 sets, 12 reps)
  • Overhead Military Press (3 sets, 5 reps)
  • Incline Bench Press (3 sets, 5 reps)
  • Z-Press (3 sets, 18 reps)
  • Inverted Rows (3 sets, 12 reps)

Wednesdays: Recover And Heal

This day is very crucial for getting enough rest and recovery so that Chris can hit the gym the next day with extra energy to continue his workout without overworking himself.

If you hate the idea of completely resting then you can perform light cardio or yoga exercises and meditation to strengthen your mind power, which by the way is an integral part of keeping up with a strenuous fitness program.

Thursdays: Back

  • Weighted Pull-ups (3 sets, 5 reps)
  • Single-Arm Dumbell Bent-Over Row (2 sets, 6 reps)
  • Seated Cable Row (3 sets, 6-98 reps)
  • Lat Pulldowns (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Cable Crunches (3 sets, 12 reps)

Fridays: Chest

  • Incline Bench Press (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Dumbell Bench Press (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Cable Crossovers (2 sets, 12 reps)
  • Cable Face Pull (3 sets, 8 reps)

Saturday And Sundays: Complete Rest

On Saturdays and Sundays, Evan takes complete rest to recover his body from the muscle strain he developed from exercising too hard in the gym.

Taking full rest days is underrated because many people don’t understand that it helps your muscles to take time to grow and get bigger so that you have to struggle lesser while lifting heavier weights in the gym in the future.

Chris Evan’s Diet Routine

Let’s see what others have to say about Chris Evans’s diet

Diet plays an integral part in maintaining the physique that you are busy working too hard for. Therefore, Evan remained super mindful of the food he put inside his body to fuel his muscle gains to the maximum.

The diet he followed included low carbs, consuming the complex ones, eating lots of lean protein sources, taking his supplements on time, and top of all, staying hydrated all the time.

The diet routine which Chris Evans follows daily is as follows:

  • Morning: A porridge bowl filled with the goodness of fresh berries, walnuts and almonds
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Whey protein shake, along with 5 grams of BCAAs
  • Pre-workout snack: Evans likes to munch on fruit like an apple, and almonds
  • Post-workout snack: Whey protein shake, along with 5 grams of BCAAs
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken salad with basmati brown rice
  • Afternoon snack: Protein Shake
  • Dinner: Lean protein sources like salmon, turkey, lean cuts of beef, and/or chicken with green veggies
  • Before-bedtime snack: Casein protein shake and nuts
A close-up view of mixed nuts
A mixed bowl of nuts is a great way to store energy in your body


  • While choosing to attain a body as Captain America sounds impressive, the track to follow for changing such a thought into reality takes a lot of courage and determination. Chris Evans was chosen to play the role of Steve Rogers in Captain America, (one of the most powerful Avengers to ever exist in the Marvel Universe) but it took a lot of effort for him to pull off the chiseled physique of a superhero, thanks to his trainer.
  • His workout routine consists of several compound exercises, isometric exercises, and some cardio and yoga on rest days. Whereas, his diet comprises nutrient-rich foods, low on calories, and lean protein sources to get jacked up.
  • While it may be not ideal for you to incorporate each aspect of Evans’s workout and diet routine in your daily life, you can take inspiration from his workout and diet and implement it into your routine. Remember, to stay hydrated and don’t overwork your muscles, ensure to take rest between high-intensity exercises and happy gyming!